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My last laptop question...the last one I promise!!!


The notebook I like says "Watch, pause, rewind, and record live television with the TV tuner and personal video recorder (PVR) " is one of the features.

So, let me guess this straight...with the wireless router I can surf the net from any room in my apartment AND watch cable television without any extra hookups or wires to my laptop?

Anyone know?  Anyone ever do this?

No, I think that just mean that you can hook your cable line directly to your laptop and watch tv on it (and record).  Your laptop will have something like this in it...

Yeah thats what I figured.  Bullshit if you ask me.  Like DUH I have a tv in my living room so I wont need to watch it in there on my laptop.  Now in my bedroom this can come in handy but not worth it if I have the freaking cable wires running into my bedroom AND having to connect it to the back of my laptop....just doesnt seem worth it to me. LOL

Thanks, Cliff.

 Dude,For Christs sake dont get a Dell. You could be watchiing a hot porn and suddenly burst into Flames.
Nobody ever had their loins torched by a MAC.   The Dell Laptorch,  thats ummm,,, catchy :D


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