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Wanna help but I don't want to "infiltrate"


I have a good understanding of the psyche of the typical gay male denialist. So recently I decided any activist energy I have would be best spent on that faction, since I was once a denialist myself. So I need suggestions. I will face big hurdles I'm sure. Denialist websites and forums are the antithesis of our beloved website and forums. If I post on their forums, won't I be raked over hot coals? Am I out of line trying taking on a 'savior' role? I nearly lost my life because of denialist crap. I now sing the praises of HAART. So this whole issue is near and dear to me. YOUR 2 CENTS PLEASE .. THANKS, ALEX

Don't worry Alex about trying to keep everyone happy. I think if you have a desire to do this this, I would say "GO FOR IT". In my opinion, there can't be enough support groups. There is a need for all kinds of people. Just ask Zeph, who I'm sure could shed some light on that issue! Go Baby Go, I say!

thanks for your private messages Jeffrey. they are loaded with superb suggestions and guidance which leads me to believe {drum roll} you are a natural born activist!! wow!!! YOU ROCK


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