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I'm so scared!!! Please answer my last post.

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I can see you are getting yourself into a testing spiral... as i have done in the past

I would recommend that you do not test every few days or weeks... as I hove done in the past

the danger is that you will get addicted to testing and will not believe the result at 12 week and will live the life of an hiv positive person without actually being positive

this is a very dangerous path to follow. stop the testing now until you are at 12 weeks and then believe in the result, celebrate and forget about it. i am working on it too!


I lost the condom during sex. But I was completely drunk. I don't remember much. The situation lasted not very long. I remember I slept next to her after and when time was out she woke me up and said time to go. It was the worst and the shortest sex in my life!!!!! And now I'm so much afraid about consequences! It would be ridiculous and ironic if it finishes the way I have never ever imagined during the worst nightmare!

As you have just found out, excessive drinking and sex don't mix. If you lost the condom on withdraw, then you don't need to be tested. If you don't remember, test at 12/13 weeks. You might want to have a full panel STD check up also.

What you mean by "full panel STD check"

Just to name a few.

* Chlamydia
* Syphilis
* Gonorrhea
* Herpes


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