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All Hairdressers Must Die: The Glamour Shots!

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Matty the Damned:
Having searched the length and breadth of the Commonwealth of Australia (celebrating 25 years of electricity next year), a digital camera was procured and my long suffering sister was pressed into duty.

Jennifer is one of those tempermental artistic types. A bit like Ray, but with talent. ;)

So here we go, Matty the Damned post haircut! These have have been scaled to size but are, otherwise, totally unedited. The red effect is a result of the lamp on Sissy's kitchen table. We like it. People who do not lack taste and poise.


Well worth the wait...what a handsome lad. Now turn off that tellie and clean your room.

AD :-*


Because my Matty has awesome hair I am ultimately the winner.

So yay I win. ;D


Very nice much of your locks did you get cut off?
Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

Hubba Hubba!
Such locks!



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