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Dress-up cat time!


Here is where you feel very bad for my animals! xD.

Exhibit A: Poor, sleeping, unsuspecting, trusting family pet.

The vest is adorned and the fun begins!

He is given a stuffed animal to hold.

And earphones to listen to the latest music. xD.

And shoes. Ahahaha.

But, okay, he seems fat and lazy and dumb, but he's actually quite intelligent:

"And I shall write a book of which content will rock the very core of our understanding as human beings - butler, please bring me a glass of wine."

LUV IT! The book can be titled Observations and Analyses of the Neurotic Human Race

I wanna squeeze that cute kitty!!!!

You really know how to start my mornings

the pet-squeezer

LOL even my fat and lazy Phillis Phlea would run a mile! I used to dress my dog up when I was a youngin', but the cats would never stand for it. Or sit or lie for it either. Your cat is one laid-back kitty! :D


Fang gets dressed up, but only when she's going to play Bingo at the VFW.

(she's also a Junior Regent of the Moose Club)   ;D

jaser, I think its amazing that you dressed your sweet, furry pussy up like that.

 I don't have a pussy myself. Rather allergic to them, actually. But if I had a pussy, I would dress it up as well.

Maybe even shave it.


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