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Happy Dance for Me!!!

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I've been pretty quiet on the boards for a while now. Several of you know of the struggle I had starting meds and the pain issues that I went through. Well, I'm happy to report that about 4 weeks ago the side effects pretty much became minimal. I still have some soreness in my legs but overall I'm back to working more than I probably should and even doing a bit of traveling. A cruise is in the works for September. And then the best news is from my latest labs. CD4 at 546 and 23% with a VL of <50. So happy dance time. My attitude is much improved and I'm so ready to just get on with my life. And oh... I've even had a date <smile>.   Many thanks for all of the support I found here and I'll still be around, tossing in my thoughts every now and then.

Happy dance indeed...

That is great news!

Dancing across my living room for you.

Opening a box of belgian chocolates here for you.

Great news to hear you got over the side effects and your results improved.

It always feels good to read such a news.

Keep going baby.


Grat news David!

I am very happy that your feeling so much better!

Numbers are looking good! Definitely time for some happy dancing...even at this hour in the morning with one eye open!  :D


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