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Hubby got his new labs from 7/31

CD4:   198   6/28 was  203   5/11 was 85

CD4%  20.8   6/28 was  18   5/11  was 8.6

VL:  <75    6/28  was  125   5/11 was  284,678

HIV VL Log Copies: 1.9   6/28   2.1

CD4/CD8 Ratio:  .38    6/28   .29

Was hoping his CD4s would be alot higher but since his % went up not too worried.

Since his VL is <75 does that mean hes undetectable?

And can someone explain to me in terms that I can understand exactally what Log copies and the CD4/CD8 Ratio means?

Do you think hes doing ok?



This is the reason you need us old farts around here.  :)

Was hoping his CD4s would be alot higher

Girlfriend, let me tell you about slooooooooooooow CD4 climb.  I tested in 1994, 11 years after diagnosis, with CD4 of 20.  It was not until 2000, that I finally got above 200, and then the ever slow climb to 350, then 400, and the last reading was 692.  Will wonders never cease?

Please look at these numbers as being fantastic!  He will also start to get more healthy by the month, and soon he will start to get some strength back and start moving at a normal pace.  That is to say, if he wasn't a couch potato before, he will be able to acheive "normal" again, it is just important for both of you to remember this might take a while. 

Congratulations on the really good numbers.

In Love and Support.

Thanks Tim.. :-*

Feeling more at ease now!

Big hugs

Tim is bang on the money as usual!

Also Tim, your CD4s are in the 600s? YOU ROCK!


Hello Teresa, it is Eldon. Your Hubby's numbers look great, especially the CD4 percentage has gone up. Keep him on a healthy diet, drink plenty of fluids, and get plenty of rest.


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