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9/11 conspiracy theories

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So, i've been youtubing again and came across a 2part hour long documentaryish type film of the world trade center attacks. 

part 1
part 2

I know conspiracy theories are popular and such, but this seemed a well thought out description of the events that day that contradict official stories.

I do not wish to start anything by this, especially by those who may have lost loved ones, but I was wondering your takes on this?   I must say, that I have to question my media derived beliefs because I never heard most of this, but it appears to be factual, though I certainly say, skewed to support their conclusions.... and I can't say those conclusions are unjustified based upon what we already know about our (lack of) leadership in the presidency.

am watching it now. It is very obvious that the flash they say occurred before theplanes hit the building didnt happen that way. Every flash happens when the plane hits not before.
Facts we do know. The CIA discovered in mid 90s that muslim arabs were taking flying lessons. They were unable to share this info with fbi because of Gorelicks Wall. Gorelick was also on the BOD of Fannie Mae, the largest financial disaster and looting in US History. Thats another story.
We also know that the same group tried to blow up the wtc in 90s.
We know that Terry Mcnichols spent a month in the phillipines in a room next to the room of Ramsi Yousef the first WTC bomber. The bomb that blew up in OKC is identical to the WTC bomb.
I am sure everyone remembers the third suspect of middle east origin that authorities were looking for in the first 48 hours after okc. This is the real coverup. Clinton blamed okc on right wing radio talk shows? Now that is funny. It was easier for willy to blame OKC on right wing americans than on terrorists.
So now we blame 911 on Bush? GEEZ. I will continue to listen to this.

ya, it was the smoking man from Xfiles the whole time....and he rode away on an aligator through the New York Sewer system and financed it all with a horde of Nazi Gold that he got from Jimmy Hoffa.
Aside from Star Trek Conventions and gatherings of Furries, YouTube is probablly the only place that stuff like this gets watched. They just de bunked the last internet conspiracy theory about the plane that hit the Pentagon, this one is even more ridiculous. " ya, lets strap a missile to the plane and fire it a nanosecond before we plow into the building, because a 737 going 300 miles per hour and loaded with 50,000 pounds of jet fuel just might not quite do enough damage"      Puff.. Puff.... PASS !!!

If you want to see a Good Youtube 9-11 video try this one....  it gives me a chubby every time. :P

just watched the whole thing. Sorta of reminds me of Flight 800 twa. Many say they saw a missile hit the plane. When investigators found traces of explosives from a missile or bomb,they were told the plane was used as training plane for bomb teams. That and the plane that crashed right after 911 are two I always wonder about.
I just dont know why any American would blow up the WTC. And what happened to all the orignal planes and their passengers?
We do know that an al quaeda operative working for the City of New York stole bluebrints for wtc several months before 911.
Sounds like a real bad 24 episode.

There are plenty of 9-11 conspracies that I do agree with, and wonder about like the intelligence or lack thereof pre 9-11,  the possible links with the Oklahoma City bombing, the links with Saudi Arabia and the mysterious deaths of the Saudi Royal Family members shortly after Sept.11, as well as the weird lack of terrorism since Sept 11, Id like to think that our own "Men In Black"  have managed to snuff all of the terrorists lurking in the shadows, but I just can't believe it. In the movie 'Munich'  ( which I think Jack will like )  it was mentioned that the US had essentially paid off the PLO in order to avoid terrorism against Americans following the Munich Olympics , also in September BTW, and it makes me sick to think that something similar may have gone down following Sept. 11, possibly with Saudis acting as the bag men, and taking their payment by Jacking us Long Hard and Deep on oil prices....
Now THERE'S  a  nasty conspiracy theory for ya...

who really liked the 'Lone Gunmen' untill they were cancelled by the cokeheads at the CIA....and knows where to get those tablets that you can disolve in water to make synthetic fuel too...


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