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Hello.  I'm a filmmaker currently working on a short script about a young man who recently tested positive for HIV.  I have done extensive research and understand the medical and treatment issues, but have been having some trouble tapping into the human aspect of it.  I'm specifically interested about living issues and interaction with other people.  As this is an important issue I want to make sure I get the story right and possibly debunk a few stereotypes along the way.  If there's anyone willing to share their personal experiences with me please feel free to email me at

Thank you very much,


Matty the Damned:



I'll debunk something for you straightaway - It isn't considered polite to barge into a support group to ask people to open their lives up to you. We don't know you from adam and you don't make much an effort for us to know you either.

It would have been a good idea for you to contact Peter Staley, the administrator of this site before you posted your request. He can be contacted at

You might wish to research your potential sources more carefully in future. If you're looking for the human aspect of this disease, you first must understand the confidentiality issues involved.


My apologies to everyone.  I didn't mean to offend.  Thank you for your time.



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