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bombs on planes?

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Waking up to severe threat to Heathrow planes bound for US

This seems like the beginning of constant threats( ok 9/11 and 7/7 was, you know what I mean)

I just cant believe it- Seemsto be because of the whole Israel/Lebanon thing. I had a chill when I saw our Tony( good old Tony in the caribbean ::)) and Bush standing together, talking nonsense

Im sorry, this post is not meant to offend of start a bunfight- Im just sick of the way the world is going I really am

A sad scotslassie (who prays noone will get hurt again in terrorist attacks and we can go some way in acheiving some kind of understanding arond the world )

News breaks to say it was United Airlines who were to be hit again

I wonder how much  money they have lost recently.

I flew less than a week ago back from Africa, things were busy and security took ages to get back to UK- wonder if they knew then?

Hey while I have the same abhorrence to our our leaders, the Israeli part is just bs. Just like the whole q'ran ballyhoo. Muslims have no problem blowing each other up so why bent out of shape when another country doesn't like when it's citizens are kidnapped.

Btw in muslim law females can be married at age 9. Their prophet married a six year old girl. I believe this is called pedophilia. So long as religion ( any) is around this crap will go on. America has a growing fundamental christian group that is infiltrated everything from education to medicine to politics. They are buying their  bs ways into our gov't.
Here is an example of how tolerant America's good friend Saudi Arabia  is


A number of items are not allowed to be brought into the Kingdom due to religious reasons and local regulations. These include alcoholic beverages, pork and pork products, prohibited drugs and narcotics, firearms, explosives, edged weapons and pornographic materials.

Items and articles belonging to religions other than Islam are also prohibited. These may include Bibles, crucifixes, statues, carvings, items with religious symbols such as the Star of David, and others. Makkah and Medina hold special religious significance and only persons of the Islamic faith are allowed entry.
 They have no problem  blatently dissing other"s religious beliefs.
Not to mention how they treat gays. How did you feel on Iran's murder of that little girl? Tolerance is a 2 way street. Get rid of religion.
an opinionated Johnny

Islam will be the cause of the third world war. As you say Johnny: tolerance is a two way street and muslims are the least tolerant people in the world. Do you remember the demostration in London with hundreds of muslims saying we are the cancer of Islam?. What are they doing in London or the occidental world then? Why dont they go back to their countries to live in tents on the desert again? That is what they deserve.
The catholic Kings did very well in Spain when they got rid of all the muslims.


 Been watching this unfold at work last night. Heathrow airport was as they called it "organised Chaos.

 Arrested 20 ( or something like that.)  so far....



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