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I am an idiot!!!

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I was on vacation away from my girlfriend on the last night there I got really drunk and had brief unprotected vaginal sex. Once I thought about it I stopped, about 3 minutes into it I pushed her off me. first week I had night sweats and chills. second week I got a white coating on the tongue, thicker in the back. I scrap it off with a plastic knife, no bleedind or red spots, just more white.  I went and got tested at 2.5 weeks for STDs also HIV(not worth squat, too early) The nurse told me not to worry, I was at low risk. asked about my tongue she said it wasn't thrush and not to worry. Next I got a stye in my eye and went to the DR also was told not to worry about my tongue. 1 week later tests all tests neg(again hiv worthless). 5 weeks after possible exposure, tongue still white, no real night sweats, but sore armpit, swollen thyroid, and diarrhea 4 days +. I think that I am infected. the worst part is after the encounter, the girl mentined that she had just gone thru the worst 8 days of her life, she gets her results tommorrow. I know I was irresponsible, but how could someone be that careless about another individual? I told my GF what happened when  I got back and she is still here, not sure for how long once I get the results I am expecting. worst of all, I just had to pass on a new job in pharmaceutical manufacturing due to my possible condition.

have any others tested negative with all these symptoms?

Still crying,


While your risk is low, it still warrants testing. 

Symptoms mean nothing where hiv is concerned.  You can have no symptoms and be hiv positive or all of the symptoms usually associated with primary hiv infection and be hiv negative.

That said, none of your "symptoms" are indicative of primary hiv infection.  And symptoms, if they occur at all, happen 2-4 weeks after infection.  They come all at once, and go all at once a week or two later.

Have any others tested negative with all these symptoms?  Yes.  Quite frequently.

A six week test would be an excellent indication of your status as the vast majority of those infected would test positive at that time (the average time to seroconversion is only 22 days).  A negative test would still have to be followed up with a 12/13 week conclusive test though.

I would relax about your chances.  I would be very surprised if your exposure resulted in infection.


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You're really going to be kicking yourself for passing up a job offer because you think you might be hiv positive. Even if you are (which I doubt) there is no reason why you could not have taken the job. Do you seriously think that all of us who are positive just curl up and stop living when we get our diagnosis? Sheesh.

Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus and more so from a woman to a man. The odds are definitely in your favour of testing negative after this one-off, brief incident.

As Morgan said, a six week test would be an excellent indication of your status, but would need confirmation at the 12-13 week point. I've yet to see a negative at six weeks change.

If I were you I'd see if that job is still open.


Thanks for the optimism and responses, I really appreciate the support. I in no way plan on laying down and dying, but as far as the job goes, I would be banned from working on the manufacturing floor if  I have a viral infection. That is one of the FDA regulations. I hope and pray you are both right and I am negative. I just ordered the home access kit and I will be staring at it for 1 week until I can use it. I wasn't aware the symptoms all hit at once and went away at the same time, that makes me feel a little better, but I am still extremely scared.

Thanks again,


What kind of job do you have that you can't work on a manufacturing floor?


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