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Christine, I wonder where you were, and what you were thinking when you were lost?  Finding you wondering around the hotel with hundreds of people just walking by you as if everything was ok?  Do you know what you mean to me?   Your diabetes got the best of you again today while we were at work together.   You are such a beautiful women, and I know you are under some stress with your home life.  I wish you did not live alone.   I have ever so much enjoyed our conversations about our live’s.  You are a dear friend.  You have made a home here at this hotel as I have.  We have many friends.   I still worry about you and your disease.  When I saw you, you were in such a fog.  Where were you?  I latched on to you and took you back to my office and told you that your insulin level is out of wack.  “No”, you said, “I am fine”.   “Oh honey, you are not fine and let me help you.”  I took your bag and got your glucometer out and we tested.  “42 is just not a pretty number for you my dear, lets have some candy and OJ shall we?”   You were talking to me, but I just knew you would not remember our talk.  As you ate your candy bar, I thought about what we both are dealing with.  It was always me taking care of you, but one day, I may tell you what is new in my life.  I am hiv +ve.   What will you say?  We do have something more in common now -  every precious minute of every single day.  I know when you talked about your eye sight beginning to fail you, I became teary eyed and was having troubles holding back, but you will not remember that.   How I held your hand and gave you a hug and told you how much you mean to me.   We both have something in common.   I love you Christine and I want you to live a long life, like me.


Hello Eric, it is Eldon. You are a blessing. You took the reins for Christine's situation and did as much as you could to support her, nourish her and love her. From time to time we all need someone we can lean on and be good friends with. It is a good thing you found her wandering in the hotel lobby. If I were there with you I would shake your hand and give you the biggest hug for your big heart that you have. These are moments that we all cherish.

Cherish the love that we all share.

Eldon,  thank you... I  love what I get to do.   Being an EMT at the hotel is all about helping others.  But for me, this past year it has really changed and redefined itself, all by itself.  When staff such as Christine fall ill, It really makes me want to do my absolute best.  Living is so much more precious these days.  For someday, it may be me in their position... Today was a wonderful day... We are all still "here."

Eric like I've told you before,



Eric,your words are so beautiful! A lump formed in my throat and I fought back tears as I read this. Your words and your actions tell us so much about the person you are.Christine,Johnny,William and all of us here are better off because of you.

Big Hug



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