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Moderately low risk needlestick-for Ann

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8 weeks ago my 3 year old daughter picked up a discarded Novafine insulin pen needle off the floor of a hotel elevator and poked herself drawing blood from the tip of her finger. The needle was capped and the part she stuck herself with was the bottom portion where the needle enters the pen device, not where it enters the skin, although it is a single 30 gauge hollow bore from what I found on the internet. At 24 days post needlestick, she had an HCV RNA PCR <50 copies and an HIV RNA PCR <400 copies performed. Both came out negative. At 6 weeks she developed a rash on one face cheek and shoulder which went away in about 3-4 days. At 8 weeks she has now gotten a red slightly raised spot type rash in the crease of her elbow about the size of a 50 cent piece which went away in 2 days. Neither of them ever itched and she has had no other symptoms such as fever or lymph node swelling. My questions are: 1. How reliable are the 2 PCR's at 24 days? 2. Is there any chance that the rashes are a result of the needlestick (ie HCV or HIV)? 3. 4. What is the risk from this type of exposure? Thank you very much for taking my question, this is one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced as a parent

I liked the answer Dr. HHH gave you and I'll have to agree with him. You can go forum to forum and you are going to get the same answers.

I received a fairly low risk needlestick from an insulin needle (unknown patient, therefore unknown HIV status, no visible blood, small gauge needle, subq injection).  I was such a stress case that the Dr. ordered an RNA PCR test at 24 days post needlestick.  The result was <400 (undetected).  I now realize that this test was a big gamble because of the high rate of false positives and in retrospect would not have had it done due to this fact.  But, since it was done and was negative, I am wondering what the value of this negative result is?  I know that I will need to follow-up at the 3 month mark to know for sure, I am just wondering how reassuring this result should be considered at 24 days?  Ann seems very knowledgeable and up to date on current info and I was foping she would post a reply.  Thank you very much.


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You need to get your story straight mate. Either way, whether it was you or your imaginary daughter, you didn't have a risk. Hiv isn't transmitted via needles left lying around.


OK, you got me it was my daughter and she is very real.  If you are a parent, you also understand my anxiety.  The needle was found on the floor of an elevator in a hotel and likely hadn't been there more than a few minutes, could you please tell me the value of the negative result at 24 days.  Also do you know if B19 Parvovirus (Fifths disease) affects ELISA testing.  She just got over the Fifths disease rash and now I'm concerned that the antibodies could cause a false positive on the ELISA.  Sorry for the ruse.


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