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cd4 from 348 to 394!!!

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oh,i'm so happy to hear from hospital today that my cd4 raise from 348 to 394~~~~oh....
well, i know that it might drop back next time but at least i'm so happy to tell everyone about this...

by the way,today i met someone in the hospital just happen to live in the next town across street from me and we exchanged phone number to get to know each other's progress in the future....hahahaha

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

jing hua


a raise in numbers AND a new friend?

That's cause to celebrate!!

I am happy for you ;D


jinghua, that is superb. I hope your CD4's continue to ~~ascend~~  8) 8) 8)

 Hello Jinghua,

 You should be happy and smiling ! Congratulations, on your latest numbers. And it is also great, that you have made a connection with somone. It's important to be able to discuss things with others. Thanks for sharing....

Take care of yourself------Ray :)

thank you for you all to support me here....i have ask the new friend for a drink this saturday (actually he's bit upset because he has to change his regimen due to serious side effect....i should be with him while he needs help from as i do)

thank you very much, frenchpat, allopathicholistic and J.R.E for supporting me~~~~~

jing hua


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