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Just a tit for tat from an Old Lotus

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Well, well, well.....we meet again.

Hello everyone! How have you been? Good I hope =)

I have been MUY busy... I moved into a townhouse with my lovely friend Abby. so I just got the internet here not too long ago. I got ANOTHER job. So now I work at Cracker Barrel and as a customer service rep for a tourism company here.

Hey, it's cashola.

I got a rat and named her Spartagusta and my roomie decided that she (yes she) needed a friend. So we went back and got Tammy Faye.

We tell her to lay off the make up..but does she listen....NO.

Love to you all,


Welcome back Lotus.......

        The Tammy Faye thing is priceless.........Poor Spartagusta.   Having to live in the shadow of Tammy Faye. ::)

             {{{{{ BIG HUG }}}}}

I fucking miss you...
I'm just saying...

Lotus, glad to hear from you . I worked part-time at A Cracker Barrell in Clemons, NC back in 1998, It was okay. Cashola as you put it. Be careful not over tire yourself as 2 jobs are hard on you. we want to keep you healthy. Glad to hear you got a Rat. She might have to put Tammy Faye Away Somewhere for phyciatric Evaluation because She has low Self-esteem... Anyway take good care of yourself.     Cristy

Hi Jenn!

Good to hear from you honey.



PS - I'll take a meatloaf plate, with green beans and carrots, and sweet tea.


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