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Hm. I have been talking to my doctor for a while and I think I am going to start treatment.  I think I'm more afraid of the drugs than I am the virus itself.

Weird huh?


I know just how you feel because I'm wary of the drugs as well. I was one of those people who had just about every side-effect going when I did the hep C treatment and I can't help but think I'll have a similar experience when it's time for me to start the hiv meds.

What are your numbers like? Do you really need to start now? Because taking these drugs is a big committment and maybe you need some more time to get your head into a good space where they're concerned.


I'm terrified of the side effects......

my numbers aren't horrible but they arn't as good as they should be.  My doctor is a nice man but he is really pushing these drugs and I just don't know if I should be taking them yet. I guess he knows more about it than I do, but I'm going to get a second opinion maybe. Something just doesnt feel right.

Matty the Damned:

Don't be scared of the medications. I've taken them. I've had the side effects. I've experienced viral resistance. They're hard to take. They're toxic and unpleasant.

But they're much better than the virus. They save lives. I'd wager that there is more than a score of members here with  us today who owe their lives to HAART.

I didn't realise how much scarier the virus is until I developed Kaposi's Sarcoma. Seeing that evil little purple blotch (the "wine dark kiss of the Angel of Death") made me realise what was really at play. Do not be frightened of the pills - sure they're difficult and the outcome of their use is uncertain for all of us, but consider the alternative, it is certain.

That having been said, HAART is a vicious master. It requires great discipline from us. None of us should consider taking HAART until we're sure we're ready to comply with the regime. It's better not to take the damn things at all, than to take them improperly.



--- Quote from: swede_dish on June 01, 2006, 06:38:44 AM ---  I think I'm more afraid of the drugs than I am the virus itself.

Weird huh?

--- End quote ---

Hello Jenn,

 Not at all... All the years that I thought I had prepared for taking the meds, I found out how unprepared I really was. As a result, I waited much to long to start on medication. I don't like to see anyone get caught in that position.

The following is a link from the "Lessons section" in when to start treatment, if you haven't read it yet, I suggest that you do. It's quite informative...

Take care------Ray


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