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Our Zephyr/spokesperson and now media star

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Dear AM Forum family

As many of you have read this week, our Zephie has had a wonderful article and interview published in her local paper (Thanks DannyBoy for getting this to us). This was the first part of a three part interview.

We also recently learned that Zeph has been asked to be at the International Aids Conference in Toronto,  at a press conference with Bruce Walker MD from Harvard. She will be there to speak of her participation in the 'Elite Controller' LTNP study at Harvard/MGH , Partners in Care. It is quite an honor for her to have been asked to participate. As another member of this study I am thrilled that she will be speaking for us and the study. Her kindness, compassion, eloquence and spirit will, I'm sure, wow the media who will be representing press from around the world.

We can all be most proud of our Zephyr and congratulate her on her strength and courage to be so 'out' and living large in the world.

I found the media link to the conference and have included it here. It is a large document (easier for broadband) and she is listed on page 15. Wednesday,16 August. Look for Loreen Willenberg, room 3 at 13H00  under 'Speakers'

Good on ya girl !!!!

Big hugs from your 'kindred brother'
Paul xxxooo

While reading this thread, for some reason, I started singing Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely"'s one of my favorite songs, and "Isn't Zeph Lovely?"  I mean really.............have any of you heard her voice?  It's deep and soothing.......her inflections make you feel warm.  She is so amazing.  I can't believe how fortunate I am to call her my friend.

Every step she takes, every move she makes, I am so proud of her.  She is a butterfly leaving her cocoon, her wings are bright and colorful...............she stops at every flower to make her presence known, but always in a subtle, yet powerful way.

Her hope is for ALL OF US..........she never just thinks of herself, we are ALL always on her mind....she wants to make all of us incredible is that?  Not a selfish bone in her body.

I love you girlie, you make me proud.


Dear Zephyr, may I have a signature?  ;D

Honestly, I'm proud of you.



You make me feel very proud to know you.

Cannot wait to see your very tired face in Montreal, and give you a big juicy one, right on the mouth.

In Love and Admiration.

Here is the hard copy for those of you who don't have the ability to download quickly;

1300h      Host    HIV Elite Controller Collaboration

               Title    HIV Elite Controller Collaborative study: Research
                         on people who control HIV without medications

         Speakers    Bruce Walker, M.D., Director of Partners AIDS
                         Research Center, Professor of Medicine at
                         Harvard Medical School;
                         Loreen Willenberg, Elite Controller Study

In Love, and Support.

Tim, you beat me to it -- I was going to do the same.  Thanks!!!

Zeph, I am so freaking proud of you... and I love you!!!  I wish I could be there, standing beside you, proud & all.  But, trust that I will be there in spirit.  YOU ROCK DARLING!!!  Thank you for being so special and caring.  And Good Luck!!!  I can't wait to hear all about it in Montreal.




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