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How long does HIV live outside the body. So many think air and light kill it right away??


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Viruses, including hiv, are not "alive" in the normal sense - they are active or inactive. Hiv is a very fragile virus that quickly becomes damaged and inactivated when outside its preferred environment of the human body.

Changes in moisture levels, pH levels and temperature all damage the outer envelope that surrounds hiv. Hiv needs this envelope - and the plugs on the envelope's surface - to be intact and undamaged in order to infect a new host. This happens very quickly when hiv finds itself outside the human body.

Successful hiv infection normally occurs INSIDE the body, as in unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse and very, very rarely, inside the mouth when giving a blowjob. The mouth is a very hostile environment for hiv and there must be unusual circumstances for transmission to occur in the mouth.

So that leaves unprotected intercourse as the main route for hiv transmission to occur.

Use condoms and avoid hiv infection. It really is that simple. Check out the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use those condoms with confidence.


Thanks for the good info. Should have know not to post on the POZ page,sorry.
I have read about the life cycle of the virus outside of the body. I also know viruses are indeed not living organisms.
A lot of questions though about the anal figuring and the possibility of pre-cum or ejaculate being on ones finger causing infection. Thought I would pose the scenario to the experts. I think unlikely because the semen would have been outside of the body at first.

Aha sex; all kinds of strange things can happen.


Using cum or precum for lube probably isn't the best idea, because of the risk for other STIs. It's not a risk for hiv.

It would be far better to use some of that water-based lube you should always keep on hand for use with condoms.


"JK stated-"Pre-ejaculatory fluid can contain more virus than semen, in the right circumstances." Doesn't this infer that it can also transmit the virus?"

This was extracted from Locopoco pre-cum thread. I have alot of respect for JK and his info however it has led me to the following questions.

I have read pre-cum contains less virus then semen. I have also read reports in which the Dr. were not even sure wheather it contained the virus or not. What is the lattes on it?

It was also stated by many that pre-cum used as a lub it really not a risk because of the out of body factors. I can see this in mutual masterbation but how about if pre-cum or for that matter cum got on fingers while getting fingered. Would that not be a risk even though the cum had first been ejaculated outside the body and then by some means found it self on the finger of the person who moments latter fingered the anus of his partner?

As I said I do have alot of respect for you folks



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