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My First Blip : Update

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Hiya Manhattan,
I haven't seen you around very much. Nice to hear from you, blips aside.
I'm glad things are going pretty well for you.
Take care of yourelf. :-*

Why is everything a lab error? Viral loads that go up and back down again are VERY common. They frequently occur in people who are 'undetectable'. If you monitor someone with >50 copies every other day you see blips like this. If you get measured when you have a blip you will see it.


I guess we can never be "blipless" ;)

;) I guess not. However, the data I have read indicates that blipping does NOT lead to an increase in HIV drug resistance but merely all part of that "We can't eradicate it" problem with HIV medication. BLIPS occur more in some people than others and are not linked to anything of significance. If anyone is interested, I can dig out the paper so you can read it and make your own conclusions.

R - who is still writing his GALT history for J220 et al.

The article I read was for subscription only, but I did find this useful summary given by the main author Dr Robert Siliciano, M.D., Ph.D at John Hopkins.

I'll ask Dr Siliciano for further details as promised and will get back to you. As I said it is a normal phenomenon and nothing to be worried about. I'll check on what I can find about BLIPS that are higher than 200 virions that return to undetectable. My feeling is that given you had a variable viral load that bounces around undetectable it is mere fluctuation around an average that borders on the limits of detectability.



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