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Providing "Sexual Fluid" Samples

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I am currently enrolled in that study.  Are you going to do the spinal taps as well?


--- Quote from: pozniceguy on August 09, 2006, 05:55:51 PM ---Don't be such a wuss.....get a "sample cup"   go in one of the single bathrooms they seem to have all over hospitals......think of the hottest guys/guys you have ever been with and watch that beauty grow......if lube is needed   ..try some plain water ( ask if this will contaminate the sample shouldn't )   and wank onnnnn....

--- End quote ---

That could work as long as they have pina-colada-flavored water at the hospital, to substitute for pina-colada-flavored lube!  :o

Just kidding. I hate flavored lube. Makes me ill.

Seriously, though, it's all fine and good to say "think of the hottest guys I've even been with," but I'm worried that under the pressure of the situation such fantasies won't be springing to mind. The few times where I've wanted to "yank one out" in a allocated short timeframe it's not always worked -- something about the overly goal-oriented nature of it gets distracting, no?

--- Quote from: whizzer --- I am currently enrolled in that study.  Are you going to do the spinal taps as well?

--- End quote ---

Perhaps it's a different study. I'm quite certain there are no spinal taps involved in the one I'm screening for. (I'd remember that!) What's the time frame and size of your study? "Mine" is 2 years and 40 people nationwide. (Sorry I don't have the # for ya.)


Just curious.  Are you taking Fuzeon as monothreapy? If so...that's interesting. What are their goals?

They should add me.  I think I could wank for science anytime/anywhere :)


No, it's not monotherapy. It's paired with two other non-nukes of choice (I think non-nukes -- don't quote me on that part.)

The goal of the study is to see if they can affect the latent viral load within T-cells. I don't know how they do that techinically -- it sounds like a pain in the ass. All I know is that that part requires 18 vials of blood.  :-\

If it is the same study I am on, and I"m pretty sure that it is.  It is Fuzeon, Truvada, and Invirase boosted with Norvir.  Thus, two NRTIs, a boosted PI, and a fusion inhibitor.  The NRTIs and PI can be substitued with other drugs (not paid for by the study, tho); the Fuzeon must be used.

Fuzeon cannot be used for monotherapy. 


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