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high cholesterol and omega

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My cholesterol has shot up again, I'm on sustiva and trizivir and the doctor seems to think it's part meds part family history.
My question is I've been reading about taking 3,000 mg of omega 3 once aday along with my pravochol and gemfibrozil. Has anyone else ever tried taking the omega to lower cholesterol?

Hi Julius,

There was nothing wrong with my cholesterol, until I started on meds. And it started rising about 6 months into them.

Some of these meds will cause the cholesterol to rise. I am on viramune, Epzicom and Viread.

You can try the Omega 3's and see what results they may produce. I take the Omega 3,6,9,( fish oil, flax, and borage 1200mg, once a day. ( in one Capsule)

I have tried watching my diet, tried several differant supplements, to see if I can get the cholesterol down, but was not really successful.

The doctor then put me on Zocor, which did help to lower the cholesterol, but I have stopped the Zocor  (since July 11th.06) per doctors requests, because of ill effects. I will be curious on my next tests, how much the cholesterol has shot up.

Try exercising, try the Omega 3's and, and watch your diet. See what results, that may produce for you. If nothing seems to work then you may have to started on cholesterol lowering medication.

Check out this leson :

Take care/ let us know how you are doing-------Ray

Hi Julius,

I also have a problem of high cholesterol and triglycerides. I have been prescribed "Fenofibrate" as a lowering medication, but this don't seam to be enough. So I began taking supplements of fish oil (omega3)to help.  1000mg ,3 times a day with meal.

The benefits are modest but valuable. The only real benefit I get is a notable raise (+25%)of the good cholesterol(HDL).The bad one(LDL)is down by approximately 3%. Well, I guess this is better than nothing. My doctor was  pleased with the results but not enough, so he decided to switch me from Kaletra to Reyataz. I am waiting for my next lab scores in early September to see how it works.

But I will still continue my fish oil.


Hi guys on my last results I had had to see an endocrinologist because of low HDL and high triglycerides.  In the end he thought it was just another side effect.
Talking with a nutritionist , she said that we Americans get an over abundance of Omega 6. The ratio between Omega 3-6-9 is important.
So I just take Omega 3.
As for flax seed the only way to get benefits is from the seed. The oil gets rancid very fast and breaks down in cooking .

I found out that we should eat only a fistful of rice. But what I can't find out  or get  a good explanation is how oatmeal distinguishes between bad and good cholesterol.


Thank  you all so much for your replies, You have helped me so much,I am so happy that I have found this site!


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