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Storage of Aptivus


I reccently started taking aptivus (pills) and am very confused on how to store it.  My pharmacist and one of my doctors say to keep it in the fridge.  I just read on-line that it should be delivered cold but once you open the bottle you do not have to keep it in the fridge.  One of my doctors wasn't even aware that it was refriderated at all.  She was very confused when I tried to discuss it with her.  I live in sunny, hot, humid, Florida.  I am resistant to 19 out of the 25 meds available and this med along with a couple others are my last option, for now.  I have been on meds since 1991 starting with AZT.  I want to make sure I take these new meds correctly so they do their job.  Thanks.

Aptivus should be kept cool (eg in a fridge between 2-8 C/36-46 F) if the bottle is unopened.

After opening the bottle, the capsules may be kept out the fridge (between 15-30 C/59-86 F) provided it's used within 60 days.

- matt


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