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Welcome Penguin,

Greetings from Memphis,TN...I have witnessed an Elvis impersonator driving a Humvee. We are glad you are here. 8)


Howdy Penguin,

My name is Mark and I live in Aztec, New Mexico, USA.

I enjoy watching Humvee owners  - and SUV owners in general - filling their vehicles while cursing at the gas pump.

I'm told I have a perverse sense of humor.

Welcome aboard. I look forward to getting to know you.

Hello Peguin,
Welcome..Ive only been here about a month but i can tell you these are a GREAT bunch of people. My hubby tested HIV+ May 5, 2006 and they have been a great help and comfort to me.

My name is Teresa and Im one of those SUV owners thats cursing the whole time im filling up at the pump!

Welcome again

Hi Penguin,

Thanks for your very entertaining post/intro.  From the High Deserts of Arizona, welcome, and I trust you will fit in just fine here; your dry wit certainly plays well in this format.   ;D

In Love, and Support.

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