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Poz Brit:
Over the last couple of years, I have noticed that after a work out, it has been taking longer to recover, now it takes four to five days, and the second and third days my muscles are really sore, I have been working out all of my adult life and my recovery rate has always been one day, I have been attributing this to aging as I am now 56 years old, or is it perhaps partly due to HIV, has any one else had this problem? Or is it just me?


Hi John

Prior to my diagnosis four years ago I used to swim and play netball..about a year after my diagnosis I noticed my legs wouldn't carry me as far as they did before and my arms became weak, but like you I'm not sure if it comes with age (58) or if the HIV has anything to do with it..but I still have trouble walking and suffer some pain when I walk any distance...I  know this is not much help to you..just my 2 cents worth.

Jan.. :)

Hey John,

I'm 35 and have found what you are experiencing also.  A day or two after a workout my arms and backs of my legs feel that painful that it makes walking very uncomfortable and this lasts for a couple of days, so I try not to overdo anything like that anymore.  Mind you, a few days ago I was in the yard doing mowing and getting in to the gardens with a mattock and I'm paying for it today with those same muscular pains.  I think it's partly to do with the meds/hiv as I never had these types of aches after exercising ever before in my life before becoming sick and taking meds.

Jan!  Please stop saying you are 58 NO ONE believes you! hehe, you are a goddess in my eyes.


yes my muscles seems to be taking bit longer to recover too....but may be its psychological in my case....i have had hiv over two years i am sure....but been diagnosed 2 months ago...and its after diagnosis that i think my muscles take longer to recover

water duck:

If i may suggest that it is just stress, you just burned out. It's not u getting along, HIV .........
You had been thru' alot of late, if i don't get mixed up, u had your mother's cancer & then death to due with.
Take a break , go for massage therapy and acupunture , u must be able to find them in the UK.
Go for a few sessions of massage with an ITEC graduate to have your body, mind & soul work on, then u can post again or PM me.
 8) 8) 8)



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