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hemorrhoid problem help!!

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I agree with the suggestions to go back /find another Dr...but in the meantime..
when I had a smaller but persistent problem...Dr.had me taking soaking baths ( you could sit in a basin I suppose ) using Epsom salts  and or  Domeboro powder ( kinda expensive)...then to consistently wipe clean, after any movement, with Baby wipes  preferably the non perfumed kind.   Took about two months to clear up..

Good luck   it really is a pain in the ass.... :'(

I am finally getting alot better now thanks to the soaking hot water baths


you may want to check with a qualified aromatherapist; there are essential oils that are vasoconstricting like cypress that can be used for hemorroids. Oils heve to be diluted in a base oil, never used pure (with a few exceptions like lavender and tea tree). I know they can help in healing problems like yours. Also, avoid hot spicy foods.

hope this helps


water duck:
If you have a chinese grocery shop nearby, maybe you like to try getting a pack of Honeysuckle flowers which you can treat it like tea, doing infusion which - reduces inernal heat and detoxicates; good for carbuncle, swelling of the skin, scrofula and hemorrhoids. Another that is indicated is Lily flower which you boil and drink first thing in the morning. Hope this can provide you with an alternative.

Poz Brit:
I had a particularly painful bout of Hemorrhoids a short while ago, the doctor prescribed "PROCTOFOAM HC" by MEDA. they cleared up in a few days.



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