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So I got the news from my doc today.  My CD4's went from 430/29% to 316/27%, and he suggested it's time to start meds.  We haven't gotten the VL yet.  Really I can't say I'm surprized.  I've been expecting this.  Of course I had my fantasies that my CD4's would skyrocket, but I also knew this was a pipe dream.

I must say I feel extremely fortunate.  Fate intervened on my behalf.  By coincidence I had already planned to spend the day with my friend in town from NY.  She knew I was waiting on the news.  We had just arrived at a large conservatory in Chicago when I got the news.  So we sat on some benches outside on a very nice day and she hugged me.  Her presence grounded me.  All I could think was of all the extremely hard times I've been through and had to go through alone.  All the lonely painful days I've had.  I just felt blessed that this news came with someone there to comfort me.  I will have eternal love for her presence on this day. 

So we went and looked at the expansive fern room and then walked a meditation path (hard to explain).  We had dinner and probably drank a bit more than we should.  It seems incredible to say, but it was a beautiful day.

I see my doc next week to start the med process.  I assume a genotype test comes first....and on we go.


Matty the Damned:
Hey Brian,

You know a percentage of 27 isn't TOO bad, but if you're ready to start medications and your doctor thinks so, then it's time.

I'm sure you'll do fine.


/edited because I made a typo worthy of a Moderator/ ;D


Thanks Matty,

Yes, I know.  I don't have a feeling of emminent danger, but while 27% isn't so bad 316 isn't so good.  I imagine I could hold out for awhile if I really wanted to, but who's kidding who?  It's time for the Brian vs. HIV smackdown.  I wouldn't place your bets on HIV.



 It is FAR from the end of the world. It is just a new world you are about to enter. Smackedown seems a bit harsh...Anyway, it's more like a rollercoaster ride. Just fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!!!

Andy Velez:
....and as you know but I will just remind you, as you go through the process you can ask, talk and explore here as much as you need to.

Good luck with this new chapter on the journey, Brian. That day with your friend sounds like it was just the thing.


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