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Pregnancy & HIV


I realize that questions about pregnancy aren't really treatment questions, but I didn't know where else to post this inquiry...First some background...I tested poz for HIV and my wife is negative. Although I'm being treated, I am relatively healthy and still vital. We want to have a baby while we can.
We're looking for information concerning pregnancy. We've read that there is a way for her to get pregnant via medical procedures with very little risk to her. From what we've read the sperm can be washed and the egg fertilized without any contamination to either her or the embryo. Can anyone tell us where we might find reliable info on the net about this? Or any clinics who specialize in this type of procedure? Doctors/OB/Gyns who we might be able to contact? Any information on this subject would be helpful. Anyone??

The Body website published something along these lines a while back, check out their article and associated references.



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