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Purpledragonfly, Wendy


Dear Wendy,

I want to tell you about a woman I know named Ginger.  She is in her 60's and retired because of HIV and did not know what to do with herself because, like in Indiana, there were few or no support groups for HIV Positive women.

Ginger completed the AIDS Leadership Academy, a group similar to LTI which Trish was part of in New York.  Her group project was to lobby the State of California for medications funding.  She saved empty medication bottles for a year, went to Sacramento and straight to Governor Schwartzenneger's office.  His staff said he was not in the office that day but, she made her point.  Maybe our Actor Govenor was a little afraid of a little Grandmother with HIV?  That will never be known.

This woman is not a member of the Sonoma county Commission on AIDS but she attends more meetings than many of the members and contributes every time.  Since all Planning Counsil meetings are open to the public, her comments can only be addressed during "Public Comments."

Ginger started a support group for HIV Positive women called "Straight From The Heart."  She is an Activist, a terror in a dress and an inspiration... Have the best day


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