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In Memory of Kirk Philpot- 1949 - 2009


For my brother Kirk Philpot.
I lost my only brother Kirk last week. He did not  want a funeral or memorial service.  My brother was a loving kind man, who was well educated. Kirk was very handsome and a sharp dresser. my brother told me he was gay when I was 16.I was always very proud of him. I am now 51 and also hiv+.My brother had hep c and hiv,  through years of drug and alcohol abuse. My brother graduated with his masters degree, despite all of this.He worked hard and played hard. he lived life to the fullest.He lived a good long life. Kirk is survived by his mate of 40 years, Bernie.
Forever in my heart.
If any friends would like to respond please feel free.

I did not know your brother but I feel as if I had.  His story is like so many of the poeple whio die from "complications"  of HIV/AIDS.
A dear friend of mine has the same problems your brother had....with the Hepatitis C complications.
If you feel that you need to have a memorial service of some kind for YOUR sake, so that you will heal, I would have one.   Its not necessary for a lot of people to be involved....just you. 
His memory will be with you forever.

Thank you.

Jamilah Ali:
Hello am sooo sorry to learn that Kirk has passed. I knew him when I worked in Meriden , and he was one of the most interesting and charming people I have ever known. I lost track when I moved to Western MA, and feel terrible I wasn't there for Bernie--his wonderful partner...when he passed. If you are in touch w/ Bernie, please let him know I want to give belated condolances, and to you as well--your brother was a very special person, and he will always be in my heart!

Thanks for posting. I found this post on google!

Ahhh Thank You so much, It is hard for me to talk to my brother in law Bernie, I don't wantto hear the sadness in his voice, he was having a hard time but I guess he is better, My mom keeps in touch with him often. :-*


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