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Another Hopeful treatment option on the horizon?


I know a lot of these come and go, but it's always nice to hear there are possibilities like this on the horizon

Exciting news about bevirimat-PA457.  ;D

This study seems to be serious.  Here is an other link giving the substances isolated from that plant:

Just bought stock in the company that's taking it through FDA trials.  Bought and sold, now bought again since it's 50% off it's 52 week high. 
It's recruiting for a phase IIB trial now.  So far the only question marks are that there have been 2 subjects that have taken the drug where it had no or minimal effect.  I have yet to see the company issue an explanation for this.  Otherwise, it seems to be about as potent as the average NRTI.  It looked really good in a study of treatment naive subjects.    For more info go to (symbol PANC)

Does anyone here know someone on the PA457 trial? I am wondering how it's going on the current phase, which started in June.


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