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I Maybe Relocating, need advice please

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I've asked the moderators if this thread can't be merged with your other thread in the living with, so there's no confusion.



I merged your two threads. I thought about doing it yesterday, but got sidetracked. When you have a question, please do not start two seperate threads, even if they are in two different forums. If you think you originally put your thread in the wrong forum, you can ask for it to be moved to a more appropriate forum. Having two threads going at once causes confusion and duplicate answers.

Thank you for your cooperation.

I'm sorry I can't add anything else to the discussion - I haven't lived in the USA for eighteen years now. :)



--- Quote from: brooklynpoz on March 29, 2009, 05:42:22 PM ---Hi everyone ,
I am currently in NYS, on ssdi, and medicare a&b, with aetna medicare as my supplement insurance, and in ADAP. I may be moving to Florida. I called ADAP down there, and was told, I do not need AETNA anymore. I just need medicare a,b & d, and ALL my med's would be covered. I was also told, that because I am on medicare, I don't get ADAP. I am so confused, and will not make a move until I can get answer. Can you please look into this, and let me know my options. Thank you in advance.

--- End quote ---
Hi I live in Kissimmee and have been here for almost 6 years, now I only get SSI so I only have Medicaid but I do get all my Meds with out having to pay a co-payment and my doctors have been great..
now for the bad news-- the services here are not as good as New York or california, I am still without a case worker because they say that I have to be sick or in real need of help, which I still do not understand why that's so ???
As a matter of fact I just got my own place and have been trying to get someone from Hopwa to help me with the rest of my desposit and I still have not heard from anyone...
if I were you I would really make sure that you will have everything you will need before you make the move,, I mean Florida is a great place to live so for the weather and depending where you move to also because I hear  that down by miami things are better service wise that is...
In Orlando well it's not that great so please be careful
anyway I do hope that things will get better for US living with Hiv/Aids here in Florida
May GOD bless you and good luck your New friend PRMike


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