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My Turn: New Lab Results

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Went to the doc today to get blood results drawn about two weeks ago.  Let's get the numbers out of the way, shall we?

VL <50
CD4:  106
CD4 %:  5

Prior lab results from middle of March, 2006:
VL <50
CD4:  136
CD4 %:  2

Initial lab work @ end of January, 2006:
VL 303,000
CD4: 13 (remember, the 12 apostles and Mary Magdalene)
CD4 %: can't remember due to Major Freak-Out

I'm going to take a moment to brag on myself here.  My usual modus operandi is to start ramping up my anxieties the moment I step in the sliding glass doors of La Clinica.  Today, I sauntered in with my cheap-ass Old Navy flip-flops and my raggedy-ass shorts and T-shirt.

But I was looking good and feeling good.  Oh yes.  And everybody in that place KNEW it.  Today, I OWNED La Clinica.

Dialed up "Sexy" by Klymaxx on the iPod (with big-ass DJ headphones in place), head bobbing down the hallway, and they cleared a path for me on either side.

Got my results, gossiped with my cute gay doctor, made a few wise-ass remarks on my departure and left La Clinica on TOP OF THE WORLD.

Score one in the "GREAT DAY' column for JohnOso!

Hey John!

Hey those numbers are really making a comeback!  Great going buddy, and you have an ipod! A man after my own heart!  I'm gonna go check out that song you were listening too!

Be good my friend, so happy for you and those numbers!

LOL.. :D...fingers crossed your next Labs will see you dancing and singing down the hallway...your numbers are heading in the right direction, that's something to celebrate...keep up the good work.

Jan :)

congrats love!!!! :) :) :) :)

Keep a workin it John.


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