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I find it hard to believe

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--- Quote from: Dachshund on August 08, 2006, 07:09:18 PM ---....and home to George and Barbara. :P
--- End quote ---
...well for only a few months out of the year and then that wrinkled old hag and her precious pearls move back up North where they belong.

And Molten....yes London has a bigger theatre district than Houston.  But then again, I was only comparing US cities, which last time I checked, London was not one of them.   ::)  Oh boy, I didn't realize how bad the schools in San Antonio had become.

Just kidding!!!

San Antonio is okay.  It's no Houston, but it's okay.  My ex did his residency at UTMB, so I spent quite a bit of time in San Antonio, (I was living and going to school in Austin at the time).  We both hated it.  It was soooooo boring.  The only plus was that it was only about an hour or so from Austin, so it made our commutes bareable, (which was why he chose opposed to Houston or Dallas, which were about 3 hours away).  I could never live in Dallas.  I hate that city with a passion.

And Houston has the lead...

*chuckle* Good friendly debates are always fun.  :P

Indeed they are Molten.

I don't like to keep this off topic thread going, but you guys should all count yourselves lucky.  I grew up in Oklahoma City, OK where life is really boring!  Oh well, it's home.  I live in San Antonio now because my kids are here.  Actually, San Antonio isn't that bad (would be much better if they could actually finish building a freeway in less than ...30 YEARS!), Austin is cooler (not temperature wise), Dallas is more cosmopolitan and Houston is a huge swamp (cool pictures though).  Personally, if I could afford it and didn't have little ones tying me down, I'd much rather be in California!!!

There's my two cents.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and let's all be glad we don't have bombs flying over our heads like in many parts of the world.

-Jeffrey H.


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