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Hi, i am newbie,

I had my first encounter with two sexual workers 8 weeks ago (my first time, i was curious, now i learnt that curiousity kills the cat). I am straight, cimcurcized and Both are protected, no kissing, no blowjobs(since i told them no). since, my encounter i had been devastated mentally. i went to the clinic at day one. and got my result for clamydia neg. at two weeks, i test for std and hiv, all are negative. at four weeks, i had ubigold blood test for hiv, which was neg. and i am waiting for my 8 weeks, 5 days for another test this coming monday.

The thing that worried me is:

1) one of the provider hid the condome in her mouth, she kept it, before putting it on me. Does this increases my chance of getting hiv?
2) another thing, i had been experiencing night sweats, without fever, i checked my body temp which is 35.4 or 36 in celcius. so far, as far i remembered, i havent any high fevers? the night sweats that i experienced comes on and off? is this a ars symptons?

Plse, I am really looking forward to hear from you all? i am all alone in this country. . .

Warmest Regard
Blessed all creatures

You had protected sex and having the condom in her mouth is nothing to worry about. Keep using the condoms and continue to play safe.

I urge you to read the lessons regarding HIV transmission on this site. They really are some of the better written and straightforward things you will encounter regarding HIV.

You had absolutely NO risk for HIV in the incident you described. Putting a condom on via the mouth is a cool trick, and one that I used to recommend as part of foreplay for safer sex. It is in NO WAY an HIV threat. Saliva is absolutely NOT infectious.

If you wear a condom for penetrative vaginal/anal sex, you have protected yourself against HIV.

RapidRod and Jkinatl2,

Thank you for the rapid feedbacks. however, what do you think about my nightsweats?
i am really worry. were my negative results are encouraging?

once again, thank you

Since you didn't have a risk, we would expect a negative result.


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