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Regimen Question re Substitute for Zerit


Currently on Zerit (now 30 mg) Truvada and Kaletra.  Wish to eliminate Zerit altogether, but without resorting to Sustiva. Any suggestions?  Resistant to Epivir and Viramune.
Many thanks.

Hey hello Paris

If you're resistant to Viramune you are almost certainly resistant to Sustiva too....


1. Possibly just drop the Zerit altogether.  If you're viral load is undetectable this may be an option.

2.  Swap the Zerit for AZT. Most likely the reasons you want to drop Zerit (long-term side effects) will apply to AZT, even if not as dramatic and slower to appear. But AZT is often extra effective against HIV that's resistant to Epivir.

4. Swap the Zerit + Truvada (tenofovir + FTC) for Ziagen (abacavir) + Viread (tenofovir).  I am guessing that the resistance you have to Epivir is caused by the M184V mutation.  Tenofovir is more effective against this type of virus.  Abacavir also selects for this mutation, so even though M184V causes low to moderate resistance to this drug, with Viread in the equation you have a viable pairing.  Abacavir is a strong drug too.

5. Ditch the Zerit and change the Kaletra to another PI set-up using two PIs boosted with a small dose of Norvir.

Do you have the result of a recent resistance test? Knowing about this would be helpful (would avoid guessing).

- matt


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