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Hi andy let me ask you something in english, maybe itīs more easy for you  to understand me, I had oral sex with a prostitute, well she made oral sex to me , but without preservative, it was not longer , only 2 or 3 minutes, and she had not  too much time working as a prostitute( I asked her), but I was thinking in my risk, because I always use preservative, but not in that time, what do you think about this.
Iīll have very happy to receive your answer.

Andy Velez:
Dynamo, escuchame. Entiendo perfecto su preocupacion. En la historia entera de la epidemia, no se ha confirmado a ningun siempre para haberse infectado por recibiendo el sexo oral. 

Seguro que tu no vas a hacer historia haciendo el primer.

Tu estas preocupando innecessario.

Y por favor escribe sus preguntas o commentarios aqui porque prefieramos que lo que cada persona tiene un seccion individuo. 


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