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Please help me..I lost it !!

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Yesterday I went to a lab to get some blood tests done...I was watching the nurse as she took the vacutainer needle from the drawer (unwrapped) then attached it to the test tube and drew my blood....I was pretty nervous andscared since the needle was unwrapped but only capped but out of stupidity I didnt mention a, I am cmpletely freaked out. What if the needle has been used before. What if by mistake thehurse used a used needle..what id the needle was containing hiv infected blood..

please assess my risk....I am completely freaked out over this !!

Andy Velez:
I can't help wondering if you will believe me when I tell you that I don't see any HIV risk in relation to this incident.

Your fears are all in the realm of "what ifs," which is a dangerous place for your mind to wander in.

This is your mind busily coming up with stuff to scare you with. Call the clinic if you want to and ask to speak to an appropriate person about their procedures.

I don't know what your history is in relation to HIV nor to medical matters in general so I can't know if this kind of fear is typical of your experience.

What I do know is that any lab which is in the business of testing takes certain precautions as a standard practice. Nothing you hae described suggests to me that your what ifs are justified.

Thanks for your reply andy.

I have another question...recently I went out with a girl which I know nothing about and at the end of the date, we kissed. It was not a long kiss and not even much tongue involved. The only tongue involvment was when she licked my lower lip a bit. I should add that I have a history of bad gums that sometimes bleed on their own. I read somewhere that the mounth (tongue and lips) are mucous membranes and that the cells that get infected with HIV are found in these places so that got me abit worried.

Am I at any risk of HIV infection?

Thanks again

Andy Velez:
No, you were not at risk during that kissing episode. Please read the lesson about transmission on this site. You can find the link to it in the first thread in this section.

HIV is going to be with us for a longtime to come and you need to become better informed about the basics for your health and for your peace of mind.

There's no need for further concern about your kissing episode.


but isnt the mouth a mucous membrane? and if it is, why is kissing still not a risk if blood was involved ?


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