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It's about freakin' time!!!

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Sweetheart, are those BLOOD SHOT eyes I see??? Are you not taking good care of yourself, honey??

BTW...........LOVE THE HAIR!!

Zephie got brave a couple of years ago, and streaked her almost-black hair blonde!! YOW!!  I'm thinkin' burgundy for Montreal!!

Love you Danny!!

And yes, our Michael is looking out for me......I need to call him soon!! Love you too honey!!

Your Zephy

Awww, Baby!  You know I never sleep...

...and I drink a lot  ;D

love it!!

Love the hair! My sis talked me into letting her dye my hair burgandy a couple of yrs ago. Well it didnt turn out burgandy...i looked like Lucille Ball on crack. It was awful. Havent dyed my hair since. Now my hair colr is grey with brown highlights...el naturale


Oh! My!  Danny boy.......Shall we call you Twinkle Toes?
Blonds do have more fun...don't they?TO BE OR NOT TO BE...THAT IS THE QUESTION


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