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No, the CBC testing would not check for HIV nor would it tell the lab or doctor to check for HIV.

just recently i found out that HIV can be spread through oral sex!!!! now im scared. i nevery thought it could be!! i had oral sex with my boyfriend 4 times, 2 times he came in my mouth and i swallowed. we always used condoms for sex but now i fear i may have HIV since i dont know what his status is. i feel so stupid.

should i get tested??????? plz help me.

There is a small risk of receptive. There is not a risk, being insertive. It's up to you if you get tested or not. Why don't you both get tested together and then you won't have to worry about it?

Andy Velez:
Whooaaaaaaaaa there!

If you have read the lesson on transmission on this site (the link to it is in the first thread in this section), then you know the risk for transmission via giving oral is very, very low. Of course that is not the same as no risk, but I mean REALLY low.

There have been three longterm studies with large numbers of sero-dystonic couples, both gay and straight. There was lots of oral sex involved and always protected vaginal/anal sex. The results in all three studies were that among those couples who consistently used condoms for intercourse none of the sero-negative partners became infected. So bear that in mind along with whatever else you have been reading.

In general it's a good idea to get tested regularly, by which I mean at least annually and every six months is not a bad idea. I say that as much to reassure you as anything else.

It's also good for you and your bf to talk openly about this issue and about HIV in general. By dealing with it openly and honestly, (without "dumping" feelings), it can actually become an opportunity to deepen the intimacy and trust in your relationship.Many thousands of sero-dystonic couples are having great relationships in every way including sexually and you can too. It does take some work. But it's worth it.


Listen to Rapid and Andy.  If you are serious about this guy, both of you should go together.


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