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I've skimmed through here, along with multiple other sites, and I'm still very scared...And although the better half of my mind is telling me to calm down, I'm still very concerned.

My risk: I had one episode of unprotected receptive vaginal sex with an exboyfriend of mine about a few months ago, who is of unknown status. He did not ejaculate inside of my body, but he did come inside of mouth afterwards when I performed oral on him. I'm worried because I know he used to be a stripper, and from what he has told me, he is/was quite promiscuious (he said he's never slept with a customer, but he's not exactly the most trustworthy person on earth). He told me he was STD/HIV free before I slept with him, because he's in the military (the Reserves) and that he gets routine testing every so many months. Like I said, he wasn't exactly Mr. Honest to begin with... I really do regret doing what I did with him, and I realize that nothing could possibly feel good enough to make me forget the worry I have right now.

How much of a risk am I at?

Thanx to all.

Just test at thirteen weeks to get a conclusive result. Never have unprotected sex with anyone until you know their status and yours.

Andy Velez:
Given the information you are reporting, the odds in this single incident are in your favor against transmission having occured.

But you do need to learn from this experience. No matter whom you are with in the future, no matter how great he looks or how nice he is or anything else, the guy always has to wear a condom if you are going to have intercourse. No exceptions. And you can have as much sex as you like. Just make sure he's wearing latex. Period.

Good luck with your test result.

Thank you, Andy. You just made me feel a lot better. I definately have learned from this.

Ok this is a stupid question, I'm just posting it here to get a real answer from someone who knows what they're talking about butttt....

I went to the doctor for a physical not too long ago and they drew blood from me and ran a "full blood count" test thing on me (I don't remember the exact name, but I know it was to check all the numbers or whatever and stuff in my blood)...Now I know that test does not test for the HIV virus, but if I am indeed infected, would the results that came back have shown that something was up with my blood? Like the white blood cell count or something? I haven't heard anything back, and this happened about 2 months ago, so I'm assuming everything was okay with it.

Sorry if this was completely idiotic of me to ask.


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