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What Happens to Your Career?

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I discovered I was positive in 1989, two weeks after I had started a new business,my money was dwindling and I had no med insurance, within two years my company was the number one in my field and I was making more money than I thought possible. My wife returned to work and we got health insurance.
Golf had always been very important to my life,but I had never won any type of competition prior to finding out I was pos. I won 6 club championships in a span of 8 years,even though I was often weak and nauseated from the drugs.
I quit drinking and smoking.
My marriage and relationship with my wife became wonderful.
Then I got lipodystrophy. I became a recluse and my business went down the drain. I had to quit playing golf cause  of comments on my appearance(which were true) and just being unable to compete because of fat.
I am still very fortunate, I have two kids in their senior year at college, my wife is a very successful exec.,and my dog still loves me but I wont truly be happy again without a return to success. Every day is a new day, and even though I am miserable and depressed today, I know my day is coming. I am gonna fucking win.

I've been HIV+ for 13 years and have worked as a mental health counselor for a hospital for 12 years. I've not had a problem.

After returning to work from a LOA in June 05, I faced one of the worst situations.  My co-worker was removed from my office the day I returned because I have AIDS and she refused to work in the same office.  Over the next 5 months my career went to hell.  I had been outed, my co-worker was terminated for various other reasons and not the real one of discrimination, I was told it was my fault that the workload fell on me, they solicited to find an "aids friendly" person to move in my office with me, I was denied a promotion because they feared another situation would arise, I was told by my boss to give him my counts, and that it just the tip of the iceberg.  I walked out after 8 years, hired several attorney's, spent thousands, to end  up with nothing.  I am currently on SSDI and will remain "retired"

Hi dad1216,
Wish I could blink and make everything right.   :'(  That old boss had some gall to demand your counts. That's none of his biz!  >:(  >:(

Love and well wishes,

I've continued to work as always, but I'm definitely not as mentally sharp as I used to be.  I have to make up for it by working more hours to keep up.  The workload is not going to stop to accomodate me.  I worked a few minutes shy of 12 hours today and will be working this weekend to make up for a day off I took for a dr. appt.... yes it sucks, but it's $$$ and that's important in my mind for people w/HIV to have (especially given the high cost of drugs, impossibility of getting insurance, having to be destitute to get financial aid, etc.).  I would much rather work my butt off than not have a job.


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