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OK, My turn to show off my baby

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Hi Nadeen,

Great pic !!! cute doggy !! Brought a smile to my face. Why would buddy be embarrased, is he missing something in that department !! ;)  ;D


He looks like a sweet guy, Nadine!

Here's a pic of my 'demon seed', Fang the Vampire...

[attachment deleted by admin]

Awww Alan...she looks harmless  :D

Cute, cute, little baby. We wanna make him stay up all night. Courtesy of "The Talking Heads".  Seriously, that is a very cute doggie and it was very nice of you to cover him. Hope he brings you lots of joy.  Cristy

Awwww!       Buddy is awfully damn cute! My male dog, Waldo.sits up like that, the command for it is GOPHER. Every time he does it, his "lipstick" pops up. Same with Buddy?


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