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Hi Everyone,
I thought I would post pictures of all our dogs. They are all rescues, three with epilepsy, all are silly goofballs. And I added one of our fish. You can't really see the fish real well, mostly just the tank itself.

Cocker spaniel is Sullivan, Yellow lab/ collie mix is Pluto, Black and White Dalmatian/ lab mix is Astro, and the baby is Great Dane/ lab mix Jinxy Roo.

Hope you like the pictures!

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ADORABLE FUR FRIENDS! Jinxy Roo is beautiful  :-* - I wanna squeeze all of them! Thanks  ;D  :-*

They are so cute.

I love Cocker Spaniel's !

Thanks for showing them to us.

Beautiful dogs Christine!

Thanks for sharing

Lovely Dogs! I also had a mouse, an aquarium ansd Sea Monkeys. But that was long time ago.
This is my dog Diana. She sleeps with me!

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