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What's everyone reading these days?

Me: re-reading Emma; The History Boys by Alan Bennett; and Everyman, Philip Roth. Just picked up Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon by Daniel Dennett.


At the moment I am reading a book called" Labyrinth" by Kate Mosse.  And it's not the one wiith David Bowie in it either. If this one is no good, I have about 10 more library books to choose from. I usually only read fiction as i want to escape from the real world, not read about it.   Cristy

I am reading Beautiful Child by Tory Hayden. She does work with damaged kids and they are amazing books.

I tend to read a lot of mystery books they are my escape.

Last week, I read The Mercy Seat by Neil LaBute; this week, I read Sea Change by Robert B. Parker and am currently on a thriller, Locked Doors by Blake Crouch.

I bought a new paperback, the latest Rob't Tanenbaum in the Butch Karp series, called Fury for my 'airplane reading' on the way to Montreal, and just figured out I have already read it!  I hope they'll let me exchange it......

Alan (damn this foggy memory!)

added on edit:  the lady at the bookstore was very nice, and allowed me to exchange my book.   Alabama is having a 'tax free' weekend for 'back-to-school' purchases, so not only did she exchange my book, she refunded the 72 cents tax I paid on Thursday!  (that probably was not right, but hey, when someone hands me money I just smile and say "THANK YOU" )

Haven't slept a wink for the last two nights.  :(  Major bout of insomnia (related of course to the fact that I've weaned myself off all sleep aids over the last week). Anyway, one good thing out of two sleepless nights: read Zadie Smith's novel On Beauty, which I thought was just terrific.



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