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The Faces of Meth

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Images of before and after persons addicted to Meth. Set to the song "The Drugs Don't Work" by the Verve


that is definitely some scary shit  :o

All I can say is, oh my God/dess. That was incredibly sad, and shocking. :'(

Horrible.  Simply horrible.

Why do they all have sores on their faces?  I've heard enough about meth to know it degrades teeth enamel, but the sores I don't understand.

Sae is saddened.

I recently saw a T Shirt with a closeup picture of 'Golum' from Lord O The Rings and the caption
" Got Meth?"  that this reminded me of.
From all accounts, my EX has pretty much gone down the tubes on Meth and I can only imagine how he looks today. I once Googled  'How do You Make Crystal Meth' and got waaaaay to much information. Anybody that has ever seen the instructions on how to make it would ever go near the shit.
One handy bit of redneck wit that I once heard was " If It don't Grow, I dont mess with it" 
technically, beer grows, so Im in the clear.
A recent Frontline was on the meth epidemic and they interviewed the sheriffs deputy that started the Faces of Meth campaign after noticing the dramatic changes in the appearance of the 'regulars' at the local jail. I think its the best anti drug campaign Ive seen, although Peter's "Buy Meth, Get HIV Free !!" is pretty good too.


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