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Hi Guys, I nearly been on this medication now for a month and all i can say is its great for me providing its working. I not had a blood test yet i have that on the 5th of Sept. The 3rd day on these drugs i started a new job but i had no problems... The thing you gotta remeber is these drugs are here to help you and dont be affraid of them. Easy to say I know but you have too. I take mine at 11pm, I ever went for a night out and had to take them with me... I must admit though i did get drunk fairly fast not sure if that was the drugs or the fact that i had my dinner about 5pm.. I usaually eat before bed but not so much anymore. I hope it goes well for you both let me know, Ill let you know how blood tests go when I get them.


I takeb Sustiva & Truvada in the morning at 8:00am daily I do so because I heard that when you take the pills at night it gives you vivid dreams.  I take with wather 6-8oz.
My Absoulate CD4 is:1150, Absoulate CD8 is: 576, %CD4=48%, %CD8=24% & my VL undetectable.


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