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Rob - Dublin:
Hi Molten,

I am a little similar to you in that our timing for infecting nd testing poz is not altogether unalike. My first labs were last week and while a little different to urs, I have decided to analyse mine over the next six months. I beleive a trend will establish itself and a level will present itself. You and I are also very recently infected and have not had the virus in our systems for very long. Personally I would not consider meds for myself now and certainly not until a trend has been established.

Keep us posted.


Matty the Damned:

--- Quote from: MoltenStorm on June 01, 2006, 12:30:57 PM ---Dancer and Prancer, (Sorry Matt, I couldn't resist  ;D )

I read the lessons on Viral Loads/TCell tests, and the information there is really helpful. I've also been reading a book I purchased shortly after being diagnosed titled The First Year - HIV by Brett Grodeck (ISBN: 1-56924-490-1). I read the information on Truvada and Sustiva as well.

All of this information is really helpful. Thanks!

--- End quote ---

Hehehehe, actually it's 'Mincer', love. ;)


Well... Just my .02 worth, but if me, I'd get right on meds now. You dont want to see that cd4 get to 200. Myself, I fear the virus much more than the meds. And the meds bring that vl down to undetectable fairly fast with these latest meds. You could easily see your cd4 getting back to and over the 500 range, once the vl is kicked on its behind via the meds. Its usually easy for the meds to bring that vl to undetectable, but its can be a loooong hard road getting that immune system back in sync.
But thats just my opinion here.
Take care!


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