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About 2 weeks ago I was picking up trash around my car and picked up a fast food bag and when I did I got stuck by you guessed it, a syringe.  I squeezed the blood out and went right to the urgent care where I got all kinds of tests for yucky things.  All were negitive including HIV.

I was then informed about this 3 month waiting period for HIV. :(

After 2 weeks of loosing my mind I want to look into the quicker tests.  Cost is not an issue because it is worth it to me to not feel like I am loosing my mind.

What do you reccomand I take and in what order.  I am just trying to get some piece of mind and move on.

Any help would be great.

Thx D

I recommend that you wait out the 13 weeks. You said you found it in a food sack? More than likely it was used for insulin injection. There are no other test that you can take earlier that would be conclusive. I don't know of anyone infected outside the health care field.


Needlesticks are more of a threat when they are freshly contaminated.  Once they sit out for a length of time, any infectious fluids lose their viability for infection.

And I agree with Rod, it's most likely a diabetic's insulin syringe.


You can consider taking the OraSure test.
Recommended window period is 4-6 weeks and the test is very accurate.
It will give you a rough indication of where you stand and you can verify after 13 weeks.

Where can one get an Orasure test.  I looked online and saw a lot of information about them but nowhere to buy one. :-[


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