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To all HIV experts here need your opinion please.

Four months ago(Jan. 12, 2006) i had a sexual encounter to a transexual prostitute we did kiss, blowjob, anal sex.
The person that i had sex with undergo HIV test just recently(May 25, 2006) and tested non-reactive, in a diagnostic
center here in our country(Phils.), the type of test used is "HUMAN-R-LYMPHOTROPIC VIRUS TYPE-III TEST - Particle Agglutination"
i think it is also called Serodia right.

I know that ELISA test can give conclusive result in 13 weeks, but what about the kind of test that i mentioned above?

Now my question is, can i consider his result conclusive(after 4 months and 12 days)? Because if that is conclusive there is no need for me to take an HIV test right.

Thanks, i really need some advice here. Thanks.

George, you forgot to say that you had protected sex, at least that is what you said in the old forum. You did not have a risk, testing was not needed.

nobody is responsible for your health other than you.   Any sexually active adult should be tested at least yearly for all stds and hiv.   Over 'this' incident, there is no need to test as it was protected, but never make the mistake that you can rely on other people's tests to tell you your status.

Thanks for all ur opinion,

yes it was protected anal sex using oil-based lubricant(too bad) and re-use the condom for the 2nd attempt, the reason why i am still very concern is that after thinking several times of what happned four months ago, i am not 100% sure if the condom protected me 100% because after using the condom i just look at it for 2 seconds and the lighting in the room is dim.

Ok if still that scenario doesn't require HIV testing.
I just still want to know the the kind of test that i mentioned(HUMAN-R-LYMPHOTROPIC VIRUS TYPE-III TEST) above can give conclusive result
after four months.

I know that ELISA can give conclusive result after 3 months but what about the test that i mentioned.

Anybody familiar with that kind of HIV test.

doesn't matter.  it wasn't your test and I won't discuss other's tests for the reasons stated.


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