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Truvada vs Epzicom


I've been on Viramune and Combivir since 2000. Was on Crixivan and Combivir for several years before that. My doc wants me to switch from the Combivir to either Truvada or Epzicom. Any thoughts/preferences about which one to go to? I'm leaning toward Epzicom since it has 3TC (like Combivir) so it would only be 1 new med.

I'm a little scared to change since I've had good results and no side effects (other than fatigue), but my doc is really opposed to AZT and thinks the sooner I get off it, the better.

I appreciate any advice and opinions.

I recently switched ( 2months ) from Epivir + Zerit  to Epzicom   feel a lot better about the one pill idea and it helps with the Lypoatrophy  ( keeps from getting much worse )
I have had no negative reactions and numbers on testing stayed about the same.


There's not a great deal to choose between them. 

I assure you, long-term, they are minder to your body than any combo containing AZT, which includes Combivir....

Truvada has a longer life-span in the body, so if you ain't spot on on time-wise then this may be a good reason to choose this one.  If your kidneys are dicky though Epziocm will be better.  However, it does have the 5% risk of a serious alleric reaction.  Truvada (well, the tenofovir in it) can casue bone loss in the first 6 months of use, but this is only for people prone to bone loss for other reasons it seems.

Epzicom is slightly stronger than Truvada.

Also, though Epzicom can be done 1 x day, it;s really a 2 x day drug, whereas Truvada is a genuinely 1 x dau nuke pair.  Most people get a good response on Epzicom 2 x day, but some people find they have to use it 2 x day to keep undetectable.

- matt


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